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Recipes, Hints and Cures

Easy Ham Canning

Easy Ham Canning

Jars of tasty pink home-canned ham are among the most enjoyed products of our food cupboard.  Years of experience have taught us methods which are easy and fool-proof.

We cut the smoked ham in chunks to fit the wide mouth jars, pack tightly in the sterilized jars, seal completely and process three hours in hot water bath.  We warm the cans before opening so the meat slide out in whole pieces, easy to slice for the nicest possible Summer-time boiled ham.

Ham sliced across the grain just a trifle thicker than usual is fried done, packed in sterilized jars, filled to overflowing with hot ham fat and sealed.  Just heat through and it is ready to appear as companion to plenty of farm-fresh fried eggs.

For ham which is to be used soon, we slice and pack raw in a little crock.  Hot far is poured over the meat to seal out the air.  Ham preserved by this method keeps for quite some time in cool weather but is definitely not recommended for warm weather or long-time keeping.  However, we have found it a valuable emergency method.

We cook the ham bones until the meat adhering is tender.  Then we seal the broth and bits of meat in cans and process for three hours as usual.  This is splendid to use for Summer scrapple, hash or to cook dumplings in for quick meals.


A clipping from an old newspaper, circa 1900s on

Note:  We haven't tested this recipe and do not guarantee results.
It is provided for entertainment purposes only

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