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Fairbanks-Morse: The Consumer Side of the Story

Most collectors know that Fairbanks-Morse made and sold more stationary engines than other competitors, built railroad locomotives, track equipment, etc.  But did you know the consumer side of their history?
By 1941 Fairbanks-Morse had 111 years of successful manufacturing experience. Fairbanks-Morse washing machines had been manufactured since 1920, offering both electric and gasoline. The gasoline models featured the famous Johnson Iron Horse.  They also produced a Fairbanks-Morse ironing machine.
F-M Beloit Plant

"The Beloit Plant -
One of the several huge factories where Fairbanks-Morse Products are made."

Fairbanks-Morse logo
F-M Model F80G Washer
Fairbanks-Morse Home Laundry Equipment
Washer, Gas Engine Model F80G
Submerged Bakelite Agitator
White Finish with black or aluminum trim
22" Corrugated Tub
Pressed Steel Legs
2" Wringer Roll, Wringer Drain Board has Automatic Reverse
Powered by 5/8 H.P. Johnson Iron Horse
1750 RPM

Fairbanks-Morse Model FM7 Electric Ironer
1/6 H.P. Motor
Two Speeds with press control
Heat trap dome
Non-sag roll
Extension Shelf
Allows the operator to be seated
Double thermostatic Control
Dual Control
When not in use, the closed top can be used for a convenient work table.

Fairbanks-Morse offered both deep and shallow well pumps for home, farm or industry.  Well systems came with the option of Fairbanks-Morse 2-line power when electricity was not available. The systems were able to pump to 5,000 gallons per minute!  They offered a new turbine type pump for shallow wells, also new sump pumps.

F-M Electric Deep Well Power Pump
Deep Well Power Pump
Cut away view showing detail mechanism of deep well working head;
For use where water lift is more than
22 ft.
Four sizes - 4", 6" 9" and 12" strokes
Self-oiling, double gear construction, 20-40 lbs. Pressure range

F-M Model 2000 Engine
Fairbanks-Morse Model 2000 Engine

F-M Glass Jar Batteries
Fairbanks-Morse Glass Jar Batteries
Longer life - Money saving service
Guaranteed five years; Developed especially for electric light and power plant service; Reliable battery charge indicator is included with every battery; Water filling holes are place so time spend servicing the battery is reduced to a minimum. With reasonable care and attention, the user may obtain up to ten or more years of long, trouble-free life.

Engine driven pump jacks came in various styles and capacity. Fairbanks-Morse made Eclipse and Pioneer wind mills and accessories. Fairbanks-Morse 2-line engines with advanced engineering.

Model 200D Drive jack with 2 F-M ZS Engine
Model 200D Drive jack with 2 F-M ZS Engine
Jack "V" belt drive to 2 H.P. "Z" engine; Model 2000D new Direct Drive Jack with 2 F-M "Z" Engine;
Self-oiling totally enclosed Jack driven by the famous F-M "Z" engine. Available in two styles: Flexmore "V" belt drive and direct drives, gear driven.
Also available with ¾ H.P. air cooled engines top mounted
F-M Eclipse Windmill.
Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse Windmills
The Pioneer
Low cost power for Suburban homes and farms for over 60 years
Simple in design
Twin gears, Roller bearings
Self oiling, Sealed housing
Turns in light breeze, Self regulating
Ball bearing turntable, Hand pullout
Four sizes - 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet
All sizes have adjustable strokes

F-M Light Plant
Fairbanks-Morse Light Plants
Alternating Current
1800 watt, 115 volts, 60 cycles, single phase current, "which is the same kind of current that is delivered by the central station high lines."
Unity power factor air cooled
This size is "most generally used for supplying electricity to the average rural home, store, school, church, filing station, roadside market and similar places."
Engine:  Air Cooled, 4 cycles, single cylinder, L-head, 1800 RPM
Lubrication:  Pump and splash
Dimensions:  30 ½" long, 20" wide, 26 ½" tall

Fairbanks-Morse engines were first developed in 1893 and manufactured continuously since 1914.  Offered in hp ratings of 2 hp, 3 hp, 6-7 hp, 8-9 hp, 12-13 hp, 17-18 hp, they featured enclosed self oiling, easy access, roller bearing crankshaft, Fairbanks-Morse magneto, variable speed governor, and fuel reservoirs.

Light plants were available for home, farm, business and factory. Generating plants both AC/DC using 2-line power were manufactured.  Heavy duty Fairbanks-Morse engines could run on marine batteries. Fairbanks-Morse hammer mills came in 3 power sizes for the farm. Large hammer mills were used for feed plants and commercial usage.
F-M Z engine
F-M  Z engine
F-M Z engine, 2 H.P.
 F-M  Z engine, 2 H.P.
F-M Z engine, 3 H.P
F-M  Z engine, 3 H.P

Fairbanks-Morse produced quality goods for consumers.  You will find a few of their products here and there.  The Fairbanks-Morse 2-line engines were tough competition and are a very desirable collector item now.  
F-M Model 140 Hammer Mill
Model 140 Hammer Mill
For the poultry raiser or the small farm owner
Powered by 5 H.P. single phase motor. Designed specifically for R.E.A. Lines. Complete with hand tray or hopper and blower. Feed collector and bagging equipment, will deliver ground material 25' into bins. Available with V-Belt drive and can be installed for full or semi-automatic operation.
F-M Pioneer Eclipse Windmill
Fairbanks-Morse Pioneer Eclipse Windmill

F-M Seal

There must have been a great reason why so many survived.  That reason is quality.   Fairbanks-Morse is a division of Colt Industries now but Fairbanks made history in its time.

John Dudley

By John Dudley
       Owner & Curator from 1967 - 2004

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