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Recipes, Hints and Cures

How to Cure Rheumatism

Prominent Doctor's Best Prescription Easily Mixed at Home

This simple and harmless forumla has worked wonders for all who have tried it, quickly curing chronic and acute rheumatism and backache.

"From your durggist get one-ounce of Toris compound (in original sealed pacakge) and one ounce of syrup of Sarsaparilla compound.

Take these two ingredients home and put them in a half pint of good whiskey. Shake the bottle and take a tablespoonful before each meal and at bedtime."

Good results come after the first few doses. If your druggist does not have Toris compound in stock he willget it for you in a few hours from his wholesale house.  Don't be influenced to take a patent medicine instead of this.

Insist on having the genuine Toris compound in the original one ounce, sealed, yellow package. This was published here last winter and hundreds of the worst cases were cured by it in a short time.

This old cure was clipped from an 1900s era newspaper and found in an old trunk.
It is presented for entertainment purposes only.

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