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Car Slang
A private cab is a Jitney

A troublesome car is a Dog

Fiat is Fix It Again Tony
(contributed by Len Bontje, British Columbia Vancouver Island)

Ford stands for Fix Often Repair Daily or Found On Road Dead

A Model T Ford is a Tin Lizzie or Fliver

A Chevrolet is a Stove Bolt Six

A Studebaker is a Steady Breaker

EFM stands for Every Morning Fixum
EFM (Evert Metzger Flanders) became part of Studebaker

Whippet don't beat it!
If you're going on a short trip take a Whippet. If you're going on a long trip take the greyhound.
Whippet was made by Wily's Overland. The greyhound was the mascot for Lincoln.

Once a King always a king but once a Knight is enough!
That's what the wags said about Willy's Knight, also made by Willy's Overland.

A wag is a joker or humorist.

Know some good car slang from the roaring twenties?
Send it to us and we'll add it to this page
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