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1948 Playboy

1948 Playboy front  1948 Playboy side  1948 Playboy roof  

1948 Playboy rear  1948 Playboy dash left  1948 Playboy dash  

1948 Playboy dash right  1948 Playboy heater  

1948 Playboy grill  1948 Playboy back seat

From our Archives

The Playboy was made in Buffalo, NY. (1946 - 1951) It had a modest production of about 97 cars.  The cars were driven by a 40bhp 4-cylinder Continental (originially Hercules) L-head engine and a 7 ft. 6 in. wheelbase.  The three seat convertibles had an automatic transmission.

Perhaps 40 cars survive.  Our car is a 1948 unrestored original retractable hardtop.  It has a 3-speed on the column and came from Bill Harrah's Reno, Nevada collection in 1964.

Harrah had our car delivered to West Philadelphia and I went there to pick it up.  His transport dropped our car off and picked up a new addition to his collection, a Dagmar (which was made in Frederick, Maryland).

John Dudley
Late Owner & Curator

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Playboy Ad

Source:  "The New Encyclopedia of Automobiles, 1885 to the Present", Crescent Books, NY, copyr. 1986

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