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"Power tiller of a hundred uses"
Model B1-7, circa 1947-8
FM Type J Engine
86" long, 26" wide, 39" tall
20" tires

"Use the same power tiller that prepares seed beds in one operation, for cultivating. It pays off in time and work saved and more efficient results. For you can adjust tilling depth just as shallow as you like, even a fraction of an inch. The high speed rotary action works every inch of cultivating width. Weed and moisture control are so effective that cultivation is required far less frequently than usual."    A Rototiller ad

Farm Equipment Division
Graham-Paige Motors Corp.
Dept. 39
Willow Run, Michigan

Rototiller B1-7 right   Rototiller B1-7 front

Rototiller B1-7 rear   Rototiller B1-7 engine

ENGINE: Single cylinder, two cycle, bore 3", stroke 3", displacement 22.97 cubic inches, cooling by turbo air fan, aluminum alloy piston with treated surfaces, 3 compression rings held in place by special anchors. High radial capacity single-row ball-bearings on crankshaft, and hardened needle roller bearing in both ends of connecting rod.

CARBURETOR: Up-draft, with fuel vapor dispenser to prevent flooding. Fixed jets covering all speed ranges except idle range which is controlled by an adjusting needle.


IGNITION: High tension, dust and water-proofed magneto with impulse coupling, gear driven. Spark plug size - 18 mm.

LUBRICATION: Engine, oil mixed with gasoline. Tiller axle; lubricant flowing from transmission. Starter: grease gun.

TRANSMISSION: Two speeds forward. Triple reduction drive consisting of one set helical gears, on work and worm wheel, and two sets of spur gears driving the wheels. Spur gears are for low and high speeds; in constant mesh. Speed selection made by meshing a sliding dog clutch splined to wheel shaft. Worm shaft mounted in roller bearings. Reverse gear optional.

ATTACHMENTS: Cultivator, Bulldozer Blade, Dump Rake, Flat-Belt Pulley, Furrower, Jaques Post Hole Digger, Jaques Power Mower, Planter, Saw, Single or Double Row Planter, Trailer, V-Belt Pulley, Water Pump

Graham-Paige Motors Corporation
York, Pennsylvania

From a 1948 Ad

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